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Postby Penny » Thu Oct 09, 2008 2:04 pm

As VM said, I have used a towing van for 50 years plus, still tow away for a break, usually four or more times a year. Often wondered about a motorhome. I would love the big American one but cannot see that happening. We were away for ten days in Sept. Went to one of our favourite places, Norfolk. We usually drive down to Dorset for two - three week periods but now that my son has a static by the sea we tend to use that. We prefer taking our own accomodation with use, not happy about hotels etc. Together with the fact that until a couple of years ago we always took our cat and dog with us. Sadly they are no longer with us and hubby is against getting any more. Hope you all enjoy your towing. cheers Penny. :grouphug:
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