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Aye, would you take a wee look at this......?

Kenneth son of

Circa 798 - 858 AD

Born a Prince of Galloway, circa
798, Kenneth son of Alpin, was to form a Scottish state, through the unity of
Celtic nations for the first time in that land. All the chiefs, theirs lords and
mormaors, were to be ruled by one strong hand.

Kenneth the Norseman
slayer, both on land and sea, Kenneth the Dalriadan princling who sort Celtic
unity, from the purple hills of Alba, down to Man in the Irish sea. Even Wales
and Northern Ireland figured in this community.

Kenneth organised a united
front to chase the Norsemen from their shores. He trapped and burnt their Dragon
ships, and onshore, drew their claws. LIA FAILL, the Stone of Destiny was saved
by Kenneth mac, he hid it from raiding Norsemen, eventually to Scone he brought
it back.

Dalriada, Galloway and Alba, were united by his hand. Those
kingdoms became SCOTIA, a new word for SCOTTISH LAND. The first Code of Laws for
Scotland were defined by Kenneth mac, the Norse raiders feared the ARD RIGH and
in the end did not come back.

Kenneth reigned for sixteen years as High King
of the new Scotland. Fighting off the Norsemen and any other raiding band. He
died in 858 A.D. Whilst sailing through Bute Kyle and was buried with his
ancestors on the bewitching Iona isle.

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