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My Little Cockney Sparrow

I 'ad a little bird like that
Stuffed an' stood up on a twig
Housed in an upturned fish bowl
Well, 'e wasn't very big.

'ad a sparkle in 'is eye 'e did, but
Ah' never 'eard him sing
Ah called 'im Alfie, me ole cock sparrow
Looked after 'im like a king.

Ah carried 'im up the 'Apples & Pears
When ah went up there tuh kip
Placed 'im on the bedside table
'cause mah room was such a tip.

Ah 'eard a ringing on the 'Dog and Bone'
An ah reached out, half asleep
Knocked ole Alfie crashing tuh the floor
He never let out a peep.

Nah Alfie's upturned fish bowl
Lies broken on the floor
I'll never keep another bird
No! Not me, no more!

My inferiority complex is not as good as yours.
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