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Postby Maywalk » Thu May 22, 2008 7:08 pm

I had a phone call from my son yesterday who was absolutely livid about the landscape gardeners they had in to cut some trees and bushes back.
Unfortunately my son and his wife were at work when they came to do the job although the so called expert had been to see what wanted doing beforehand.

The orders were to cut the Ash tree down on the allotment that had become very dangerous and to cut some of the Buddleia back.
This was so that they could get on the land to start getting it sorted out for a shed.
The stupid so called experts have cut down a pear tree that was full of fruit plus a lovely apple tree .
They have not touched the Buddleia although they have chopped down the Ash tree.

My son has two of the head blokes calling to see him on Saturday morning to see what can be done.
NOT A LOT I should imagine now that the fruit trees are gone.
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Postby Rowan » Thu May 22, 2008 8:50 pm

A bit late to save the tress but surely he can sue the gardeners? They must have had proper instructions so therefore, in my opinion, such as it is worth, they have broken the contract between them and should compensate for the damage and destruction of the trees.

Can't trust folk to carry out simple instructions these days. No wonder your son is hopping mad Maisie!
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