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Kindle Critical Updates

Postby Andere Richtingen » Fri Mar 11, 2016 6:53 pm

I know that a few of us here have Kindle e-readers and, though it doesn't seem to have had much publicity, there is what Amazon are calling a critical update for the earlier models - version 5 and Paperwhite 5 and earlier. This update must be installed by 22 March or, apparently, the Kindles will stop working properly and become virtually unusable without a lot of hassle.

There is more information about this here:

and instructions on how to download here:

I tried to update my version 4 this morning and absolutely nothing happened, so I think doing it overnight must be essential. My Voyage 7 updated itself one night last week and I only know because it told me in the morning that it had done it.

I'll cross-post this in the Technical Forum in the hope that everyone who needs to will see it.
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