Please introduce yourself here.


Postby Gitanarosa » Mon Jan 21, 2008 8:47 am

Recognise quite a few names here without even looking too much (yet!). Excited about being here!! Will have to find my way around!!
My name is Ana and I live in S Wales. Hi everyone!! :banana:

Postby mazzy » Mon Jan 21, 2008 8:51 am

Hi Ana and welcome - pleased to see you here
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Postby Rowan » Mon Jan 21, 2008 9:12 am

Hello and welcome to the forum. :mrgreen:
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Postby clevewyn » Mon Jan 21, 2008 9:22 am

Hi Ana, I`m new too so welcome from me.

They don`t seem to bite :welcome1:
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Postby Lacemaker » Mon Jan 21, 2008 9:39 am

Welcome Ana - you live in a lovely part of the UK. :welcome1:
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Postby ciderman_nz » Mon Jan 21, 2008 9:50 am

Hi Ana, Welcome. We thought of buying a motorhome,( I presume that you don't mean a caravan but a small truck so equipped?) but couldn't really justify it. We do, however , periodically hire one. We've just booked one for 10 days in May for the South Island. (We're North Island). I like the idea of stopping anywhere that takes our fancy.
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Postby Victors Mate » Mon Jan 21, 2008 11:42 am

Hi Ana and welcome from me.
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Postby Gitanarosa » Mon Jan 21, 2008 2:19 pm

Thanks everyone!! A great welcome!! Look forward to joining in with you!! Ana xx

Postby dita » Mon Jan 21, 2008 3:39 pm

:welcome1: Ana from me too.
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Postby Maywalk » Mon Jan 21, 2008 4:09 pm


Hi Ana,
Lovely to SEE you here.

I hope you enjoy this very friendly forum.
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Postby e » Mon Jan 21, 2008 4:54 pm


[font=Comic Sans MS]helloooooooooo and :welcome1: from me .......... the green one ! :mrgreen:[/font]

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Postby DaisyB » Mon Jan 21, 2008 6:40 pm

Hi Ana, you know me already. :welcome1: :welcome1:
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Postby Dragon Lady » Mon Jan 21, 2008 6:42 pm

Hi Ana - not sure if I know you or not. Welcome to the forum!
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Postby dejavou » Mon Jan 21, 2008 7:58 pm

Hiya Ana ... Welcome to the Tree :welcome1:
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